Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul stays unawakend All for the animals !

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All for the animals : Reptile Rescue, Easy Feed, Demo’s, Boarding

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Frequently asked questions

Every living creature has the right to a decent life. They were born on planet earth and therefore deserve to live a full life. If we take animals into our home, it is a sin to neglect them. Taking an animal home, you take on the responsibly to provide and care for that animal. There is no such thing as “just an animal”! It has a beating heart and is thus a life!

See the variety of our “home made” foods too keep your pet healthy. These foods have helped us nurse neglected and ill rescued animals back to health and back to acceptable weights.  

SaveMe Reptile Rescue

Five Star Reptile Boarding

Easy Feed Foods

Healthy foods to keep pets healthy

Send your pets to us on holiday!

All life  is equally valuable - life is precious!

Rescued animals are use to being handled and therefore do well at demo’s

Ask us about our “one on one” demo’s. Small family group at our premises. Get to meet the animals, touch them and have your photo taken.

All proceeds will fund the rescue animals, current and future.


We live in a time, where we hardly have time for our own family, let alone helping animals.  I believe we humans are responsible for wellbeing of all life on this planet, which includes our animal and plant life.

It is not our planet; we are borrowing it from the future.

I want to make a difference, even if it’s only a handful of animals I am able to help. Animals have been on the planet  longer than we humans have.

To date, all the animals I have rescued, are rescued from a situation where humans are to blame. I feel, it is only right that a human should  rescue the animal and try to undo the harm done.

There is very little that compares with the feeling, when an animal fully recovers and thrives. When an animal becomes and acts the way they should, it makes what we go thru all the worth while!

Because we love them so . . .

Buy our products to support the SaveMe animals

Our demo’s create the opportunity to introduce these wonderful animals to children and adults alike. We use the opportunity to create awareness and try to change the perspective of people in that these animals are fascinating rather than evil!

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This planet is home to all of us. Humans and animals alike. Preserve and protect.

Please Help US

You can also support us by purchasing some of our exciting beads.


Besides love and attention, We need housing, specilized food, medication, medical treatment, therapy, special lighting, heating pads, . . .


Professional Boarding of reptiles and exotics on the East Rand. Use one of our available cages or bring your animal with their cage.

Due to space constraint, we are unfortunately unable to accommodate dogs and cats.  

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